The biggest decision a person will make in their life is regarding what home to purchase. Usually, there will be a variety of different homes in an area. Finding the right one will require a person to do a lot of research. After a person has narrowed their selection of homes to just a few, they will need to call in a professional who performs professional inspections on Oahu. Without a proper inspection, a prospective buyer will find it hard to make the right decision. The following are some of the reasons why neglecting to get a proper home inspection is a bad idea.

The Safety Factor

One of the main reasons why avoiding a home inspection is a bad idea is due to the danger it can put a family in. If a family moves into a home with asbestos or lead paint on the walls, then they may find themselves becoming ill due to the presence of these materials. When hiring a professional to inspect a home, the home buyer will be able to find out about any harmful materials that may be present. Trying to save a few dollars by not getting a professional home inspection can cost a person a lot in the long run.

Finding Out About Repair Issues

Another reason why avoiding a home inspection is a bad idea is due to the repair issues that may exist in a prospective home purchase. The inspector will be able to give a home a thorough inspection and will be able to find out about any repair issues that should be addressed. If the repair issues are substantial, then a home buyer will need to avoid making the purchase. Without the information provided by the inspector, it will be very hard for a homeowner to make a sound decision.


Finding the best Oahu home inspector will not be easy, but well worth the effort invested by a home buyer. The professionals at Inspect Hawaii have been in the business for a number of years and will have no problem helping a home buyer out. Give them a call to find out more about what they can offer.